Welcome to Roskilde

Roskilde cathedral, detail

This former medieval capital of Denmark at the end of Roskilde fjord is not far from busy Copenhagen. Once upon a time an old Viking area, but today a modern city with the old town well preserved, Roskilde has several mayor tourist attractions: The Roskilde Cathedral, which for centuries has been the Danish Royal Family sepulchral church, the Viking Ship Museum with over 60 vessels, and the worldwide known Roskilde Festival, to mention only a few.

Full of historical monuments, cosy - but not sleepy! - Roskilde is ideal also for enjoyable shopping and presents even more chances to experience history in a more active way: just outside is the well-known Lejre Experimental Centre with reconstructed pre-historical and historical environments in open-air; as well as a number of remarkable museums and historical sites, all in beautiful Danish countryside surroundings.

The annual music festival the Roskilde Festival, is the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe, clearly turning town’s life upside down for at least a week. However, music and culture flourish here during the whole year and Roskilde dynamic University Centre with a number of study programmes also in English, adds this beautiful town a vivid student life.